1960s music from the Kyoto retro nightclub

In Cherry Blossom Footsteps, Lauren and her travel mates go to a retro nightclub. I’ve made a YouTube playlist of songs and dance videos from Lauren’s last night in Kyoto.

1960s pop songs

Of course, I chose all songs and artists that I like:

These Boots are Made for Walkin’, by Nancy Sinatra. Great clip with some cool 60s dancing. Nancy looks like she’s having fun, and quite ready to use those boots. The song’s been used in several movies, including Ocean’s Eight.

An early TV performance of The Beatles, with Can’t Buy Me Love.

The Beat Goes On by Sonny and Cher, who had their own show in the 1970s. This clip shows a gorgeous young Cher.

Where Did Our Love Go, by Diana Ross and The Supremes – I had the privilege of seeing former Supreme, Mary Wilson, live at Blues Alley in Washington DC in 2008.

A young, hip-swivelling, Tom Jones singing Your Love is Like a See-Saw.

Heatwave, by Martha and The Vandellas – Black and white footage of this great group (sadly, not really supported by a lively British audience). I got to know this song from Linda Ronstadt’s 1970s cover, which I’ve also included in the playlist. One of my all-time favourite songs.

Respect, by Aretha Franklin – of course.

Uptight, by Stevie Wonder, boy genius and one of the world’s great songwriters.

I’m a Believer, by The Monkees. This clip is from their 1960s TV show.

Shout, by Lulu. She was sixteen years old when this was recorded, and she then went on to become an enduring star in Britain. Some may know her from appearances in Absolutely Fabulous. ‘Champagne for Lulu!’  The song Shout was best known in Australia by our biggest star of the 1960s, Johnny O’Keefe, so in the playlist I’ve included a clip of Johnny live in Sydney.

What’d I say, by Elvis Presley – from the movie Viva Las Vegas, which also stars the luminous Ann-Margret, who’s an awesome dancer. This number features The Watusi and a dance called The Dog.

Under My Thumb, by The Rolling Stones – in an original 1966 TV performance, and again live in 2006.

Dance clips

I’ve also found some video clips of the 60s dances I mention in the scene:

The Frug, done to The Ventures’ song, Walk, Don’t Run – in a 1972 Bollywood movie . . .

The Stomp, as featured in an Australian TV report.

 A video that compiles some of the many other dances of the time, including The Watusi and The Swim.

And another two song and dance numbers from Viva Las Vegas, with Ann-Margret’s jazzy dance piece, and then Elvis doing C’mon Everybody. It’s been reported that Ann-Margret was so sexy and charismatic in this movie that Elvis’s agent ‘The Colonel’ insisted she never be cast with Elvis again, for fear she would outshine him. One of the dancers in the clip is a young Terri Garr (who went on to appear in TV show Friends, and the movie Tootsie).

Plus, the iconic dance scene from the movie Pulp Fiction, with Uma Thurman and John Travolta combining multiple 60s dance styles, to the tune of Chuck Berry’s You Never Can Tell.