Cherry Blossom Footsteps

Adventures in Japan and Hong Kong


Twenty-something Lauren is on her first overseas adventure - to Japan, then Hong Kong, tracing the 1960s footsteps of her beloved nan.

This enchanting tale follows Lauren on a fun journey, through two vibrant Asian cultures. With an ancient history, modern life, new friendships and romance, Lauren’s is a story of discovery - of new lands, and herself.

What I love about Japan


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Readers share their thoughts
about Cherry Blossom Footsteps

" The descriptions were vivid, real and beautiful"

Jenny Dickson

"A lovely time spent meandering through Japan

and Hong Kong"

Lisa Anderson



The story behind Gail's first-ever published novel

Man Ray Violon D'Ingres

A surreal play on words

The original print of one of my favourite photographs has recently sold for a record amount. A thumping $US 12.4 million to be precise, around twice what was predicted. American…

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Border collie blog

Home – A Border Collie story

A Sergio Fionda anecdote, as told to Gail Holloway Sleet slid across the window as I sat looking out. Early January had been especially bitter this year. Bleakness hung across…

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I love Japan

What I love about Japan

Everybody I know who’s been to Japan say they love it. There’s a great deal to love. Everyone who’s yet to get there say it’s at the top of their…

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Why I love Macau

What I love about Macau

I have a particular fondness for Macau. It’s the distinctive combination of Macanese, Chinese and Portuguese influence. It’s also the peaceful way it seems to approach life. Hong Kong can…

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I love Hong Kong

What I love about Hong Kong

Hong Kong. The harbour is indisputably the essence of the city.  The whole place has an undeniable energy about it – with the liveliness of both Hong Kong Island and…

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The Value of Tea

The Value of Tea

I was a relatively late convert to tea. I used to prefer coffee and I think my mum, as a dedicated tea-drinker, felt she’d failed in my upbringing. But I…

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Wabi sabi mural Kyoto

Say it better – words from other languages

You can become a better traveller by paying attention to words that don’t exist in English, says travel writer Brian Johnston. He went on to talk about a Dutch word…

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La Belle Esplanade NOLA Gail Holloway

A little something extra

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you get a little something extra. Like when you order a half dozen doughnuts or potato cakes and they throw in one more as a bonus.…

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Gail's 2007

Gail’s 2007 – A game-changer

In many ways 2007 was a game-changer. It was my job to help keep children safe, but toys became so hazardous we nearly had to cancel Christmas. It was also the…

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Gail Holloway writing

How I got started writing

I didn’t set out to write a novel. Cherry Blossom Footsteps was the first piece of creative writing I had done, and it began after an overseas trip when I…

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