Cherry Blossom Footsteps

Adventures in Japan and Hong Kong


Twenty-something Lauren is on her first overseas adventure - to Japan, then Hong Kong, tracing the 1960s footsteps of her beloved nan.

This enchanting tale follows Lauren on a fun journey, through two vibrant Asian cultures. With an ancient history, modern life, new friendships and romance, Lauren’s is a story of discovery - of new lands, and herself.

What I love about Japan


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Readers share their thoughts
about Cherry Blossom Footsteps

" The descriptions were vivid, real and beautiful"

Jenny Dickson

"A lovely time spent meandering through Japan

and Hong Kong"

Lisa Anderson



The story behind Gail's first-ever published novel

Gail Holloway songs

1960s music from the Kyoto retro nightclub

In Cherry Blossom Footsteps, Lauren and her travel mates go to a retro nightclub. I’ve made a YouTube playlist of songs and dance videos from Lauren’s last night in Kyoto.…

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Gail Holloway author

My personal chop stamp

I love Asian art and have several pieces that I’ve collected on various travels. Some that I picked up while travelling in Japan and Hong Kong have ‘chops’. These are…

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